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Interview with Expats in Puerto Vallata, Mexico // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

Fb Reside six:0OPM CENTRAL TIME July twenty eighth, 2017

Where is that bar??:

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How do we keep so healthy immediately after eating all of that foodstuff?

We moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in March and we have been publishing everyday blogs each and every day because. We like to discover all of the finest foodstuff, shorelines, and matters to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Adhere to us on our journey!

We publish about partners vacation, touring on a mid-range spending budget, and living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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  1. My husband and I just vacationed there last week and we are convinced that we want to vacation there again and we are going to look into living here❤️ It is beautiful and we just love the people ! We met the most amazing loving people❤️ We live in Olympia, Washington and it’s beautiful, but it is very stressful driving the I-5 corridor and we want to live a simpler life in our 60’s and our children can visit us and relax and enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta!

  2. Thank you- that was a nice change up – having you ask others questions. Also- how nice that they bought your drinks! Can’t say that has ever happened here in California.
    Also, we didn’t realize you & Hillary have been there 2 Years. Awesome!
    Hopefully, we will meet you both- would like to buy you drinks and say thanks for all the information & encouragement to travel out of US!

  3. Hola. Most of the things these guys and you guys say is the reason I’m seriously considering a move to Mexico. I retired last year at 53 and i’m traveling full time in an RV for a couple years and then i’ll be ready. Your videos are great info and i’m viewing them as “research”. I’m using a language app to learn Spanish just to give me a headstart. My goal is to live there at least one year, but possibly longer if the people leasing my house want to stay longer 😉.

  4. wow   another great video…   my husband and i ( of 35 years together)  we are going to be there staying in the marina nov 4th to nov 14th… am running the PV 1/2 marathon on nov 4th..   we are also planning on moving to PV next springs 2018.
     We would love to visit and have coffee or drinks with Bill & Jeff.
    heres our e mail if you can give to them if your in contact with them that would be awesome..  we would love to meet them.
    We have  never been to Swedes Restaurant so it sounds like we will try it out in NOV…

    Tim & Tommy, E mail, >>

    Keep up the great Videos… We Love watching you both !!
    Tim & Tommy, Pasadena , CA

  5. Hey guys! We love watching your videos everyday. This was a great episode because my husband and I are coming down October 16th-22nd. We are going to check out some properties for maybe early retirement. Any tips please let us know. Can you recommend what is the best food tour from Vallarta food tours. Thanks and look forward to your next video! 😀

  6. Would you say that most people who retire or live in Mexico are relatively rich? Or are there much cheaper areas that offer better value in Mexico? Im asking bc over time I have always heard of people from various other countries who were able to buy houses in their native countries and they werent rich. But that was a long time ago and I think prices now might be way up if compared to 20 years ago.

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