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Marietas Islands Puerto Vallarta Nuevo Vallarta Mexico hidden Seaside las islas marietas

Marietas Islands Puerto Vallarta Nuevo Vallarta Mexico hidden Seaside, las islas marietas, Guarded from the intrusion of the planet exterior, the hidden seaside of Marieta Islands las isalas marietas , Puerto Vallarta is a planet of its own. Positioned just a several miles off the coastline of Mexico, shut to Bandera bay, Marieta Islands are archipelagos that ended up fashioned as a end result of volcanic action. The islands have remained practically secluded ever since. It was only a short while ago that recreational factor of the place was uncovered next advancement of an extremely distinctive maritime ecosystem that helps make this place just as one of a kind as thrilling.
The maritime surroundings of hidden seaside Marieta Island, Puerta Vallarta has made about several several years, sans any disturbance from people or exterior nature. As a end result, the maritime lifetime listed here is intriguing and holds a massive likely for folks who adore just this kind of sport. Marieta Islands are a person of the best sporting activities for snorkeling and scuba diving owing to the virgin nature of the place, together with its variety.
The drinking water together the hidden seaside Marieta Island, Puerto Vallarta is a crystal clear blue mass of pure bliss. Of the maritime wildlife out there to perspective in the place, Humpback whale, sea turtles and dolphins are just a several of the most wonderful illustrations.Vacationers can also take pleasure in a powerboat excursion to the hidden seaside, Marieta Island, Puerto Vallarta taking in the landscapes together the way. The hidden seaside, Marieta Islands, Puerto Vallarta is an intriguing web-site in its own accord. The seaside continues to be slice off from rest of the group of islands. And for people who stumble across the place, the surprises held are enormous. The seaside is viewed as to possess an abundance of reef fish, with about 103 various species relocating about in the clear blue waters of the seaside. The whales can also be seen in their wonderful glory and for some fortunate travelers they may well even get to experience the ‘whale- music’- one of a kind seem designed by these massive creatures just as they dive deeper into the waters. Next winter season rains, Puerto Vallarta temperature continues to be nice and inviting. The rains also make the drinking water as clear as out there on any seaside n the planet. Lodging arrives uncomplicated and in broad range for all kinds of travelers. Although the hidden seaside, Marieta Isalnds, Puerto Vallarta is still hidden largely in literal sense, rest of Puerto, Vallarta is a sensible industrial place getting tourists from all about the planet in substantial quantities. The Marieta Islands ended up originally fashioned many hundreds of several years in the past by volcanic action, and are fully uninhabited. The islands are about an hour extended boat journey west-northwest from the coastline of Puerto Vallarta and are visited day-to-day by hundreds of tourists, still no a person can legally set foot on the islands. In the early 1900s the Mexican govt started conducting army testing on the islands mainly because no a person lived there. A lot of bombings and substantial explosions took place on the islands resulting in wonderful caves and rock formations to be created. Immediately after a large intercontinental outcry, begun by scientist Jacques Cousteau in the late nineteen sixties, the govt at some point resolved to label the islands a nationwide park and thus safeguarded against any fishing, hunting or human action. Very best puerto vallarta excursions



  1. Just went a couple days ago… Best experience I've ever had. Such a beautiful place, breathtaking. Pegaso also has an amazing crew, such sweet, catering people. Very welcoming and comforting and became buddies with one on the boat, Mario, such a sweetheart and very very great entertainers. ❤️

  2. Thanks so much for this video. We're heading down very soon and wondering where to snorkel/dive etc. Would you recommend this spot for scuba diving? Or can you can see just as well and as much by snorkelling? Also does Picasso(sp?) do private or semiprivate trips?


  4. Just got back from Puerto Vallarta.. Got a chance to check Marietas Island..It was amazing.. 4 hours of on a boat.. Got to see lots of whales, Dolphins , and Turtles .. Great Experience.. It is Open Water people.. be prepare..

  5. It is absolutely real… and beautiful!!!!  There are so may hidden and special places near Puerta Vallarta!  I have a little place on the beach in Los Ayala, 45 minutes north of PV.. I am enchanted… and I will be back to the islands!!!!

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