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Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta Mexico 2017

We head out after all over again to Puerto Vallarta. 1 of our favourite spots. Take in some of the remarkable surroundings that is Mexico and PV. We had a fantastic time. Shot on the Apple iphone 7 In addition, AceCam 4K action cam, ION Air Pro and DB5000 action cams.

Pick up some of the objects we employed for the duration of our trip by following the backlinks underneath.

4K action cam (this is what I would use at this time)

smartphone mini tripod

Large Bubba Mug (you are gonna want this!)

ION Air Pro Action Cam

Feiyu Teck Wearable two-axis Gimbal (there is a 3-axis variation out there)

GoPro Accessory Kit



  1. Very nice video, well presented! I think now we got some more inspiration for our worldtravels as well. Thank you for that. Subbed and liked to support you! Stay gorgeous!

  2. I watch all of your video's 🙂 we went to Puerto Vallarta this January and your last video from Puerto Vallarta was one of the video's that inspired us to choose Puerto Vallarta for our vacation. We loved it ! Was way better then Cuba. Thanks for documenting your trips and keep the video's coming. We live in Winnipeg. Are you guys from Alberta ? The airport looks familiar but cant quite place it. It almost looks like the Winnipeg airport. Thanks again for posting your video's

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