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Bucerias, Mexico ~ What to do in Bucerias, Mexico

Very best of Bucerias, Mexico. This travel video tells you and shows you all of the fun and interesting factors there are to do in Bucerias, Mexico. Well, not all the factors to do. That is a matter for an additional video.

Dine at Casa Triskell, look at the Insane Bitches Drag Display at Luna Lounge, stroll to Mezzogiorno for wonderful eating on the beach front, or have a coffee and a journal at El Cafe.

Occur pay a visit to the Bay of Banderas, the Bay of Flags, home to the place of the divers, Bucerias. It is a pretty tiny city, and they never knock down your sandcastles.



  1. wow..Nice Video ..I miss my town..after having a great life there in Bucerias Nayarit my whole family migrated to San Jose CALIFORNIA US,,,and its been 21 years without visiting..I hope by June I finally get to walk on that beach and town again..good memories ,,looking forward to this emotional trip..!!!

  2. I live in La Cruz 5 minutes away. Never looked online for videos from around here, oddly enough. Loved the video, hope you add to it. I also love Triskell's. Great place to take folks just off the plane. I just found vid of La Cruz. Had to turn the sound down…too cheesy and a blatant bid for yet more rich expats and developers…but nice video. Look it up. Sure ain't my La Cruz! Must do a spoof of this one showing the real La Cruz. Make more videos!

  3. Hi Fer – lovely video – you're looking superb. I've been away for a while (writing music). Just posted a new video first for a year. A bit sexist I guess – but, hey, I'm only a man.

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