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LUXXE Grasp VILLA Grand Luxxe Nuevo Vallarta Rental

The Luxxe Grasp Villa is a two-bed room, two and a 50 percent-tub Villa



  1. Don't attend the Resort's presentation, they will lie to you. Google complains about Vidanta or any other Timeshare before you event get there. They are very dishonest, trust me. I am trying to save you money. They implement all kinds of sales tactics, including lying to your face and that, is how Mr. Chavez became wealthy, by practically stealing from innocents Americas and Canadians. We need to stop this and, if you don't believe me, Google it. Remember you are in Mexico and you don't have any legal protection.

  2. Thank you Mr Polo. Sorry for the delay. I was just at the resort for one month and I love it there. We do own and we rent out weeks.  If you visit the website shown in my note above yours, that is my site and will give you a lot more information. There are many different buildings and accommodations from 1 to 4 bedrooms available.  You can send me an email from the address on the contact page.

  3. Wow, I love it! A friend of mine from Seattle was there.
    Do you have a time share?
    Thank you for posting this great video!! I always wanted to see inside the hotel.

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