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Wibit Open Drinking water Enjoyable 2016

Wibit Sports is all about pleasurable on the drinking water! Practical experience our aquatic playgrounds and learn your internal kid again!
See what will be waiting for you on the drinking water in the summer time of 2016!



  1. It looks like a safe and super fun way to enjoy the water in summer. I'd certainly want to play on it if I were still a kid! Kids can use up their high energy and just have a blast (big kids, too). I do have a concern, however: These high profile, fun, noisy (from having fun) play structures shouldn't be placed in lakes and rivers where people go to camp, kayak, enjoy the quiet of nature, to bird watch and see wildlife, as it would totally ruin that experience that people go these places to enjoy.It would also be disturbing to the wildlife.

    I hope that park and forest managers take this into consideration when applications for approval come across their desks. I imagine there are people with my concerns the world over.

    There are places that are perfect for this, and there are places where it doesn't belong. As this becomes all the rage, please let's keep this in mind so that we can all have lakes and rivers to go to and have a fun time, in our own way. Thanks.

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