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Best Mexican Dancing Horses Display :-D Bucerias, Mexico

These are the greatest cowboys or vaquero’s who train their horses how to dance. The horses dance to live new music played by a excellent Mexican Band with quite a few devices. A important Vacationer Attraction for the town of Bucerias, celebrating regional society . This is at the yearly Competition Celebration of the regional persons who live in this region. The Shaman also come right here and complete various ceremonies.The Celebration normally takes location Jan 18th to the twenty fourth.

The vaquero (Spanish pronunciation: [baˈkeɾo], Portuguese: vaqueiro [vaˈkejɾu]) is a horse-mounted livestock herder of a tradition that originated on the Iberian Peninsula. Now the vaquero is still a element of the doma vaquera, the Spanish tradition of functioning riding. The vaquero traditions created in Mexico from methodology brought to Mesoamerica from Spain also grew to become the foundation for the North American cowboy.

The vaqueros of the Americas had been the horsemen and cattle herders of Spanish Mexico, who first came to California with the Jesuit priest Eusebio Kino in 1687, and afterwards with expeditions in 1769 and the Juan Bautista de Anza expedition in 1774.[1] They had been the first cowboys in the region.[two]

In the fashionable United States and Canada, remnants of two important and unique vaquero traditions remain, identified nowadays as the “Texas” tradition and the “Spanish”, “Vaquero”, or “California” tradition. The popular “horse whisperer” design and style of organic horsemanship was initially created by practitioners who had been predominantly from California and the Northwestern states, plainly combining the attitudes and philosophy of the California vaquero with the machines and outward glimpse of the Texas cowboy. The organic horsemanship movement overtly acknowledges a lot affect of the vaquero tradition.

The cowboys of the Fantastic Basin still use the expression “buckaroo”, which could be a corruption of vaquero, to describe on their own and their tradition.



  1. This is an actual sport in some parts of the world. Stop saying its abusive it's actually a good exercise and as a Mexican whos family had horses for GENERATIONS I know for a FACT that Mexicans absolutely LOVE their horses like family.

  2. You know what its not cruel as someone that is mexican and owns a dancing horse my horse absoutley enjoy it. Everytime i go out to feed him he starts dancing. Its also part of a Mexican heritage. So instead of you people talking crap you all need to watch what you say.

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