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Mexico Getaway in Punta Mita

I took the most remarkable spouse and children vacation with Tony & Doug the Puppy at the W Lodge Punta de Mita in Mexico!

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  1. Looks fun!! My dream vacation would be to India because I’ve always dreamed of traveling there to run an orphanage, or help out in one. So I’d just like to take a little trip there to see what it’s like and maybe help out in an orphanage for a little while.

  2. My dream vacation would be at Disney World. I am obsessed with Cinderella and one day I hope to visit Florida to pass through and witness the beautiful castle. I am a huge Disney nerd that I have visited Disneyland on my birthday last year. The churros and dole whips are always a plus.

  3. This is so cute!!! I really would love to go to Montreal one day, that would be my dream vacation. Idek why I just think it beautiful there, plus I could never go to Mexico or Bahamas, living in the south has turned me again heat.

  4. Love the video you guys are so cute ❤️ My dream holiday would be Italy or Japan! (I've been to Italy before and would 10/10 say it's my favourite place in the whole world ngl)

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