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Marietas Islands Bahia Alegre Puerto Vallarta Islas Marietas Tours

Marietas Islands Bahia Alegre Puerto Vallarta Islas Marietas Tours with crystal obvious waters and sandy shorelines, the origins of this idyllic paradise arrives as a shock – it is in reality the world’s most picturesque bomb web page.
This secluded strip of sand is believed to have fashioned a long time back when it was applied as goal practice by the Mexican Federal government in the early 1900s.
But in which you could count on to locate ruins and devastation, right here there is a sensational, deserted seaside on the Marieta Islands in Puerto Vallarta.

the Concealed Beach, officially referred to as Playa De Amor, or the ‘Beach of Love’, has shot to fame following attaining a massive pursuing across social media.
To achieve the secluded marvel, visitors have to swim by way of a shorter tunnel which opens up into the stunning seaside, which is surrounded by uncommon wildlife.

Ventura Osorio,who is one particular the primary people liable for making Marietas Islands a global Hit!!! and produced the Islas Marietas well-known to the earth with his impressive social media and who delivers tours to the Concealed Beach, said the islands had been fashioned 1000’s of several years back by volcanic rock exercise.

Ventura, 34, from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, defined: ‘The seaside itself was most most likely fashioned prior to the To start with Environment War due to the fact the Mexican authorities had been using the islands as goal practice. These controlled bombings have been said to have fashioned several caves and other distinctive rock formations on the Marietas Islands.
‘It is believed that the Concealed Beach was developed as a consequence of these factors blended with the erosion of the rocks bordering it due to the area climate circumstances.’
Stunning wildlife which include humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays are just some of the beautiful maritime everyday living visitors get to get pleasure from when at the seaside.
It has been uncovered and come to be a well-liked spot to visit following likely viral on social networking web page like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Mr Ventura additional: ‘Without social media, the hidden seaside would just be a further seaside waiting to be uncovered by the earth. This seaside grew to become well-known all around the earth by way of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, you title it.
‘Puerto Vallarta is a very well-liked tourist spot in Mexico and now that there is consciousness, the quantity of visitors the hidden seaside receives had gown astronomically.’



  1. You guys got it all wrong, islas marietas belongs to NAYARIT, not JALISCO , where Puerto Vallarta is, quit stealing fame that belongs to NAYARIT, Playa escondida is not in Puerto Vallarta get it right you people!.

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