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How Masienda Bodega Is Bringing Reliable Corn Tortillas to the US Current market — Money One particular [SPONSORED}

Jorge Gaviria begun Masienda Bodega to remind people today what corn ought to style like. Even though he begun by putting his heirloom corn-based tortillas in the hands of chefs, his aim is to get this products in as numerous hands as probable.

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  1. Would love to try these, cuz the brand of commercial masa in my area tastes like sawdust and is often on varyong stahes of going stale.Even more absurd, i know how to nixtamalize – but i cant get organic non gmo corn at a decent price AND in a reasonably small qty (10 lbs or less). Most sources, esp on amason, overcharge.

    Anywwy, these look nice, but the 120 tortilla min order is a bit much for average households, and overkill for a 2 person household like mine, so i'm SoL. :=/

  2. This is very promising. As the Mexican people referred to themselves as the people of the corn, or corn walking, they cultivated these heirloom varieties while practicing food souverainty. After NAFTA was introduced, the Mexican market was flooded by corn from the United States, very often genetically modified.
    It is important to hold onto these heirloom treasures and to keep their genetic diversity by buying from the people still growing them. This is the future.

  3. This is how you do it! Instead of creating a shitty knock off that's safe for scared yuppies, go straight to the source and help build those bridges. I hope this guy is super successful in his ventures.

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