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Checking out Neighborhood Marketplaces in Mexico // Life in Puerto Vallarta Vlog

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Where by is that current market?

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In today’s Puerto Vallarta vlog we begin off by checking out the Emiliano Zapata Market in El Centro. Neighborhood markets in Mexico are a terrific put to really feel the society of the community. In these markets you are buying out your meals right next to local cafe homeowners, people, and the occasional expat. From tortillas to pinatas you can find every thing you have to have in Mexican markets.

Consider of it like this. In just a Walmart you can find very substantially every thing you have to have. You may perhaps have to walk 50 % a mile in just the retail outlet, but Walmart in all probability has what you might be wanting for. Mexican markets are related to that, other than the current market constructing is composed of many distinctive outlets and vendors.

For individuals of you thinking about costs:

three Avocados, four apples, and 6 tomatoes was 100 pesos (about five pounds)

one loaf of bread – 25 pesos

twelve eggs – fifteen pesos

2 large rolls of paper towels – 25 pesos

We will definitely take a look at the Emiliano Market all over again to present you some distinctive outlets and to give you a better thought of the costs.

In the next 50 % of this video clip we go to just one of our favourite dining establishments, Barra Gentle. Barra Gentle has excellent salads, sandwiches, and even juices! If we are craving healthful meals (who does that?), but we want a great deal of Food items, Barra Gentle is our initial option!

Soon after dinner we get critical.

Hillary and I have partnered with Crossfit Zapata to generate a fundraiser for CANICA Puerto Vallarta. CANICA can help fork out the transportation fees for kids that have most cancers in Puerto Vallarta. These people have to fork out about 86 USD (which is exorbitant) to go to Guadalajara and back for their treatment plans! I are not able to envision acquiring most cancers, substantially considerably less not remaining ready to afford to capture the bus to the healthcare facility!

Our fist purpose is to increase $2500 USD for CANICA. This will help each and every family members get to Guadalajara and back just one time. No matter if you can help with a monetary donation or by sharing our donation web page, any and all help is appreciated!

Hasta Mañana!

Greg and Hillary Kennon



  1. If somebody could help us translate the short section in the market that would be HUGELY (get it?) appreciated! The link in description should work, if not, just reply to this comment if you can. Sorry I don't have a silly question for you to answer today!

  2. Love using Doña Maria Mole from the glass jar, it's the base for easy mole. Just need a good homemade chicken broth. Doña Maria also is sold ready to used in a box. It's the easies way to have mole. Plus the small box is great for a couple with out all the work. Once when I was in Tijuana, Mexico I was asking a  Mexican couple, that I met, for their mole recipe. The wife told be that she makes the best mole in all of TJ, because she uses Doña Maria mole from the box (heat up and eat). She told me that she has no time for slaving away to feed her husband, plus she said. "I am a modern woman. Who needs all that work." The husband had no clue until that day that he was eating mole from a box.


  4. You guys should visit my home state neighboring Jalisco wich is Guanajuato so many places so amazing like San Miguel Allende , Guanajuato city , León or my hometown Dolores Hidalgo. Do some research you ll be amazed even before visiting.

  5. Your Spanish sounds great buddy 👍!!! I love the mole sauce, ( actually I don't think I've ever had mole made from scratch) all you gotta do is boil the chicken, add the sauce, mix it all up, heat it up and listo!!

  6. I love the markets like that. It's one of my sore points about Dallas. I've always wished for a huge indoor market similar to Pike Market in Seattle. There are many markets around the country like that, but not here. Even the small markets in Mexico have more to offer than our market. Hiciste muy bien con tu espanol, Greg. 24 hours straight on a rowing machine??? Wow!

  7. haha, English speakers sound so rude when engaging in conversation with natives hahaha, but your Spanish is very good!!, it is just matter of practicing intonation! greetings from Mexico City!

  8. All the store factory made moles, not good. I tried to buy some because I miss when my mom would make it but I have to go to a restaurant for real good mole, also sometimes some markets sell mole that has been made in the shop and those are pretty decent. also great job with the convo! You did amazing, sorry can't translate my spelling is bad in Spanish. Very excited you guys are taking on the work-out challenge to help those children <3

  9. Translation.
    G- hello my name is gregorio. What's your name?
    N- my name is norma
    G- nice to meet you. How long have you worked here?
    N- my whole life.
    G-how old are you?
    N- I'm 46
    G- what's your favorite Mexican food?
    N-everything pozole , enchiladas.
    G how you say what's your favorite or wich is your favorite?
    N- wich is your favorite?
    G- what's your favorite place in PV?
    N- the beach
    G- wich one?
    N- all of them malecon, altas.
    G- what's your favorite restaurant?
    N- what kind of food any?
    G- yes any.
    N- well there's one called tepetie.
    G- where is it?
    N-about 4 blocks straight from here, its Indian cuisine, across street from pizza los muertos. Also I like vegetarian restaurants in centro in front of church el cliente. Also the seafood restaurants on the beach.
    G- do you like American food?
    N- yes I like all kind of food.

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