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Mirage Sportfishing – California Halibut Fishing 55lb and 36lb 08.seventeen.2011 Channel Islands

Mirage Sportfishing catching a 55lb california halibut and suitable following a different 35lb halibut out of channels islands sportfishing ciscos in ventura county

Formal scale weight on the Berkley digital scale 55lbs and 36lbs
What a good journey.
Channel Islands Sportfishing – Ciscos Monster Big California Halibut

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  1. I've been wanting to jump on these boats for a while…. great catch guys. as far as the captain and his crew, they seem to know the honey hole of halibuts

  2. How are anyone catching fish in those waters and who would want to eat it after being in that radiated water and eating radiated fish? Those water are radiated people.

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