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How to Obtain High priced Family vacation Real Estate

The superior stop of the holiday current market in Puerto Vallarta carries on to increase. If you have over $1 million to commit on luxury house, really should you get it?



  1. To address the question of where to buy property in an area that won't be over-developed soon, I'd need a map and a cup of coffee. To keep it short, I would consider Bucerias or Cruz de Huanacastle, which are about 20 to 30 minutes north of the marina. They are in the path of development, but you can find a spot that won't be crowded with condos and restaurants for years. If you really want to get away, go north to Lo de Marcos or south to Tuito, but that's a story that deserves some conversation. Suerte!

  2. Interested in buying in PV more than likely a condo.  What would be your advice for areas and best way to go about it.  Would like an area that's just outside of town and an area that isn't going to be completely redeveloped anytime soon.

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