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Ziplining seven hundred feet off the floor in Puerto Vallarta!!!! Cover River Excursions GoPro Whole 1080P Hd!

Video was taken July 1st, 2014 in Puerto Vallarta, on the Cover River zipline tour. This tour has received to be the finest ziplining tour I have ever been on! Vallarta Adventures is ok, but doesn’t even come shut to this. And everyone knows that at the time you step foot in Puerto Vallarta, you might be bombarded by the most aggravating salespeople everywhere you go you go, seeking to sell you overpriced Vallarta Experience excursions. Stick with Cover River, you can thank me for it!



  1. awesome!! I was just there a few hours ago and it was energetic and I would go again. It is way safer and is actually very relaxing when your going down and know that your safe. otherwise it's super fun and looking forward to the extreme!!

  2. We just went about a week ago.  Absolutely fantastic.  Your guides seemed a little low energy compared to ours, but it was clear safety was #1 to them.  I am a little concerned with your comments about your experience at Canopy River though.  This is my only zip line experience.  If this is the best tour you've ever been on, then I think I'm up for a little disappointment anywhere else–lol. These guys rock, and I would have gone a second time that day in a heart beat.

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