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Puerto Vallarta River Expedition Zip line ATV tours

Puerto Vallarta River Expedition Zip line ATV tours, The greatest Outdoor Adventure in Vallarta, adrenaline and extreme fun is what River Expedition has to offer to nature lovers, as well as thrill seekers. It is an experience not to be missed. The tour begins with a journey by the shores of the Rio Cuale heading to our facilities, where will be experienced the difference of being between the city and the mountains in the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Located at the top of the mountain; from there the expedition is intensified by being led through the jungle by our experienced and friendly guides..

We challenge you to live the first dose of adrenaline when you are launched by the first time in the zip line from one mountain to another. Then you will walk into the jungle and you will be captivated by the beautiful view and the variety of flora and wildlife.

Then the challenge is to cross two bridges located on one side of the mountain that will take the edge of a precipice, from which you will have the option to rappel 27 meters in height or 24 meters in free fall..


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