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How Dangerous Is Mexico?

Renowned for violent crime, drugs and gangs, Mexico has a reputation for danger. But is this reputation justified. Is Mexico really as dangerous as is commonly believed?

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  1. Unleash the Powerful and Ruthless Mexican Drug Cartels in Florida ! and wipe Donald Trump's narco-properties, condominiums, resorts, casinos, golfcourts, brothels etc..

  2. HEY, MUSLIMS AND ISLAM IS not TERRORIST CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S ISIS STEALING ISLAM, I am a Muslim and I get affected when people think we are terrirosts, but if you are a Muslim, you cannot kill anyone, otherwise you’re not a Muslim. Check the Quraan. 🙁

  3. Yep. Most of it is true. People here tend to have very low expectations so easy money, pleasures and the chance to join criminal groups are something common. However, as it says in the video, the danger is bigger for us citizens who live between those people than for other countries.

  4. I was just in Mexico for Christmas break with my family. Honestly while I was there I was a bit paranoid about the cartel and all that. The Saturday before break ended some Mexican soldiers and narcos got into a gun fight in the small town where we were. Three of the bad guys were killed according to the news.

  5. All the comments below are shite. The bottom line is, if you are lucky enough to pop out of a vagina in the USA you at least are likely have a shot at a good life or an opportunity , if you pop out of one in Mexico probably not so much. Nine out of ten fetus's would choose USA, trust me. This isn't a knock against Mexico or to cheer the US they both have huge problems, but let's just be realistic here.

  6. Why is Donald Trump laundering drug money with impunity in Florida?
    Why are so many LGBT scum, crack heads, heroin junkies, illegals, negroes, communists, pedophiles and Jews in Florida?
    Why is Donald Trump so scared of Mexico ?

  7. Wwooooooo, I'm so scary fear me Im Mexican. Okay no but Mexico as a country is fucking horrifying. My mum who is from there said she's afriad to go back because she doesn't want to put us in Danger.

  8. Donald Trump is an illegitimate and corrupt puppet U.S president who pledges allegiance to the regime of Israel. Why does he consider Mexico dangerous? Why is Donald Trump so afraid of Mexico and El Chapo ? hehehe Trump is an orange pussy hehehehehe.. His golf courts in Florida must be bombed hehehe..

  9. Oh brother. I am going to visit Mexico, and wanted to hear how bad the crime is, and I get this anti Trump video. Can you liberal idiots not stick to the point, and that is how dangerous is Mexico? If you want to bad mouth Trump, do a video on how bad Trump is, so that I can ignore it.

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