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THE KYD CABIN…BUT To start with AN AXLE Issue

We’re excited to share the KYD Cabin with you, but right before leaving for Flagstaff, AZ we learned a trouble with our tires! To get even additional facts on SN6, sign up for the KYD Family

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Going from authentic-estate to wheel-estate can be challenging #TracysPun. Possibly which is why authentic-estate is our #one issue: Should really we offer our home, rent our home, downsize, purchase a “plan B home”, or offer it all remain on the road indefinitely? There are plenty of diverse ways when it comes to authentic-estate and in the long run it will arrive down to the phase of lifestyle you’re in, and what you feel will happen a couple of several years down the road.

For us, we’re getting empty nesters (a single child at a time). We swiftly realized following Tori went to university that we wanted to have a spot for our household to reunite and invest the holiday seasons. But we’re not finished touring and we did not want to spend for a residence although we journey nine months out of the calendar year. That designed obtaining the “KYD Cabin” and renovating it to turn out to be a holiday rental the right selection for us at this time. We’re anticipating hurdles and we’ll share our pace bumps with you—should you be looking at the holiday rental route also.

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  1. Bought 2 houses w/out seeing first! First one in FL, I bought w/out hubby seeing and 2nd in NC mountains hubby bought and I never saw. Believe me your kitchen is a 1000% more updated than either of ours are/were. The NC house is slowly getting updated now with mechanical and structural (well, heat, roof, doors). The yellow 1963 kitchen will be next. Looking forward to reno pics ;- }

  2. So cool!!!! We were gungho to the fulltime, put the house on the market in May and….. It didn't sell 🤣🤣🤣 Took it as a sign to keep our roots in the ground and just travel our California coast and mountains.

  3. FYI…in your video "RV UPGRADES: MORryde SRE 4000 | WATER HEATER FIX & NEW MATTRESS" @ 1:20– !:28 you can see they jacked your axles up in the center which shouldn't be done. You can see the axles bending. …it may be the cause of your tire wear?

  4. You two are so impressive the way you seem to take it all in stride. I honestly stopped watching your videos because I can’t help but feel jealous. Sad, I know. I been subscribed for at least a couple years and I truly love your videos. This just a life I can’t afford. I truly wish you both and your family the very best. However it honestly seems like it always does work out for you. Thank you for all the laughs and tears over the years.

  5. We rented out two different places we owned.. even through real estate agents..and leases. and had nothing but headaches and people moving out in the middle of the night without paying. Will never rent out another property. We are selling our home… been living in our Class A for a year. We have contingency plans but none involve buying another home.. Good luck. I hope it works out…

  6. Wow lol I'm so glad you guys are not giving up on the KYD travels we love seeing you guys..
    Glad you got your place and didn't lose your money.. …lol see ya all soon, stay safe

  7. I was concerned about the tire wear problem when you had the suspension work done last spring. I could see the way things were done which reminded me of the same problem we had. When axels are lifted by a jack, they can bend and cause alignment issues that do not show up for awhile

  8. Also, as a Realtor, I have had several buyers buy after only seeing the home on the internet. Even when I send them detailed photos of my own, when they see the home in person, it looks smaller than they thought it would be. That happens because the real estate photos are taken with a wide angle lens so you can see more of the room, but it also makes the rooms appear larger than they are.

  9. They bent your axle when you upgraded your suspension … go back and review your upgrade video. they jacked it up from the center, not the sides…. it was so obviously over stressed.

  10. Can't wait to rent the KYD cabin and visit Flagstaff!!! Nobody will know better than you on what to do and see in the area. You could leave a notebook of ideas? Cute cabin. Can't wait to see the progress! I wonder if Alaska bumps caused the axle issue?

  11. Ya'll are doing a fantastic job on this cabin! Sold our home in Phoenix prior to full timing (2 yrs now). It was the 32nd remodel I had done during my 30 years in AZ. Glad we made that decision. We, also, are lookin for that same "place to meet" situation and made an offer on one in Prescott……waiting. We have learned so much from your videos, love feeling connected to all the KYDers and love the lifestyle!!

  12. Awesome sauce. Congrats on your new place.☆☆☆☆☆

    They used a floor jack on your axel. I'm glad u found the problem before it was a bigger problem. Hope this helps. Enjoy watching your adventures with the family.
    Take care.

  13. I am so sorry that happened to you guys! But congrats on the new rental cabin! I think overall, this video highlights the flexibility of our way of life. No "one size fits all" here. I have heard lately of those who feel like some folks make part-timers feel as if they are "not doing it right." Each part of life has it's challenges and it requires creativity and flexibility to adapt to YOUR particular needs. Yes, we RV'ers are a Tribe, but no one way is "the" way. I am full timing while I do contract work on the road. It makes the most sense from an economic and practicality stand point. For others, living part-time is the best option. Just say "NO" to being "should on."

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