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A All-natural Ponder of Mexico: Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa

In today’s journey Mexico vlog we journey just 35 minutes outside of Taxco, Guerrero to Parque Nacional Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. The Grutas de Cacahuamilpa is one of the biggest cave units in the full World! We wander around 2km inside of of the cave process! It is really one of the most awe inspiring things we have at any time seen through our travels in Mexico.

Fantastic to know info
It expenditures 80 pesos to enter the caves (Grutas de Cacahuamilpa)
You can take the combi taxis to las grutas for 25 pesos a particular person or taxis demand 150 pesos an hour. It will take 35 minutes to travel from Taxco to the Grutas and the excursions take two hrs every single. Excursions of las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa go away every single hour on the hour. There are loads of food stuff and snack stands at the Grutas so no require to fear about feeding on before hand if you really don’t want to. Also- in Parque Nacionaal Grutas de Cacahuamilpa there is entry to rappelling, zip lining, rafting, and horseback riding!

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Hola amigo! We are Greg and Hillary – a husband and wife crew that enjoys traveling, going on adventures, and encouraging others do the similar! For the past two many years or so we have been residing in and traveling through Mexico! We have lived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico City, and Querétaro. In addition we have traveled to a couple other destinations within Mexico this sort of as Puebla, Huasteca Potosina, Monterrey, Zacatecas, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Cancún, Aguascalientes, Morelia, Guadalajara, Cholula, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco, and a Valle de Bravo, Tulum, and a couple others 😃

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  1. Hello, kinnetic kennons i just heard my name at the end of the video Lorenzo Angulo patreon of the day. and i just realized it was posted afew days ago . ihave been following you vlog since last September when you were still in puerto vallarta , boy its been a good year folling you guys. Take care.

  2. Every day I try to see yours videos, and see their majesty in each of them but some times it's impossible to sè them all, l admire you for being entrepreneurs and adventurers. …Thanks very much!!!!

  3. Reglas:

    "R" con sonido fuerte (erre): Al principio de cada palabra (Ratón, Roma, Río), y después de las letras N, L y S (honrado, alrededor, Israel). También al final de cada palabra (hacer, reír, tambor)

    "R" con sonido simple o débil (ere): cuando está entre vocales (oro, cero) y después de consonante, excepto N, L y S (tratar, comprar, sufrir).

    "RR" (doble erre) siempre es sonido fuerte y se escribe entre dos vocales (carro, fierro, sierra, torre)

    De nada😁☺️

  4. Thank you for be there . I used to ride my race bike from state of Mexico to Guerrero by 65 milles in one day was a lot of fun to see all of those mountains and go to Taxco always was fun. Now I living in San Jose California U.S.A by 25 five years now I have more years living in U.S. A.. I have a lot of memories and I miss a lot my country and my friends. Gracias por sus videos pero esto me lleca a recordar El tiempo que mis amigos y yo asiamos ciclismo y crusabamos del estado de Mexico Al estado de Guerrero por 130 killometros en bicicleta en un solo dia. y me ase recordar todo esas montañas y taxco. Estrada mucho my Pais , mi lugar y mis amigos. Cuando bonitis recuerdos. Gracias.

  5. And you have been missing Barrancas del Cobre… It makes the Great Canyon seem small. I know you are taking the Chepe, but can't wait to see your reaction, i hope it comes this winter, snowy mountains and Creel pueblo mágico are a winter must.

  6. Las Grutas de Cacahuamilpa are another wonderful things of the world. I was there a long time ago in the early seventies. I have to were a miner helmet with light to see and carry a stick to scar the bats. I was kidding, but yes I remember they very well and I had a blast. Greetings from Canada

  7. If you guys head out to Michoacan again I can recommend some good spots. If u guys research Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosí, you guys will be in for a reeeeaaaal treat!!!
    In Michoacan there is a pueblo wity a church half covered in hardened lava.

  8. now that you scold us for not promoting Cacahuamilpa enough 😉 let me tell you go visit Barrancas del cobre, in Chihuahua state. Is a beautiful canyon 4 times bigger and twice as deep as the grand canyon, there is also the Sierra Tharaumara in Chihuhua. there are a few national parks worth visiting.

  9. Cierto vean las diversas películas realizadas ahí jajajaja yo la mire de muy niña y no quería ir por esas películas geniales y muy antiguas. Por cierto salían ya seres reptilianos jajajaja busquen la no recuerdo el nombre alguien por allí las recuerdan?

  10. considering to become a patron if my accountant can fit it in because I felt in love with 🇲🇽a few years back and I wanted to live in mexico and document it like you guys are doing so. To travel and immerse myself in the Mexico is something I get to do through you Kennons at the least digitally. Ya are truly inspiring in many aspects. This spot ranks top with your auguasteca San Luis Potosí, lago bacalar, Querétaro, San Miguel Allende videos. Your enthusiasm and knowledge bits of info of sites are awesome. Your videos are educational and entertaining keep up the great work. Grutas de Tolantongo are memorable spot to check out.

  11. Oh, I've never been to Cacahuamilpa, my brother did, we greed to go together later but we never did! It seems you are on your way to Acapulco or Ixtapa, if you go to Acapulco you must see "La Quebrada" my son was so fascinated (he was 3 at the time and he is still talking about it) I hope Acapulco is better now, because the last time I went, 3 years ago, I felt so sad for Acapulco, it was abandoned, literally, many closed businesses in La Costera (the main avenue) some of them as if they closed and run in the moment, really weird. The freakiest was a lady selling dresses in a shop that looked really nice, but the shop was locked and she was sitting in a corner just watching if customers were coming through a mirror and then opening the door. My cousin thought the shop was closed until the lady opened and explained her the situation at the time, but she said that we should not worry that we tourist had it ok, no problem. Of course we were kind of ……ahhhh ok? weird weird, and of course we did not feel safe, it was not the Acapulco I remembered from other times. Hope things have changed because Acapulco was a nice place, but as always I ate deliciously.

  12. I think a good campaign slogan for tourism in Mexico could be something like "whatever your paradise, find it in Mexico".
    Amazing cave system…!!! A while back I saw a video of the fantastic giant crystal caverns of Mexico. That would be so amazing to see as there's nothing like it anywhere in the world, but it likely is only available to the serious spelunker.

  13. Lo que les faltó mencionar es que muchas de las formaciones tienen su nombre como "la botella de champaña", "el nacimiento", etc, por la similitud que tienen con dichas cosas.

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