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Queretaro Mexico: Expat Moving Mexico: Is Retiring In Querétaro Finest Sites Component two

Why Did We Choose Querétaro? Expat Moving to Queretaro Mexico:
Jerry Brown here with Jerry Brown travels inform inform inform were thinking about going from Lake Chapala to Queretaro and an additional portion of Mexico. We are heading to test it out to see if it really is a superior put to go there. We are talking about quite possibly going to a new Region of a Queretaro colonial metropolis. We are heading to go test it out and give you a glimpse of what it looks like.Why did we pick Querétaro? Extra Expat going to queretaro mexico:

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  1. I've made friends wherever I live, yes it's hard for some people but you only have one life, I like to say I have friends here, there and every where but yes they are always upset when I leave but I always think…..who haven't I met yet somewhere else…..

  2. I am moving my parents to Querétaro, but not downtown. I am considering the area of Juriquilla, as they are retired and do not fancy street life that much. There is no expat community in Querétaro that big, but that's fine. My mother is Mexican, my father is a mixture of British- Mexican (my grandfather fled from Britain in the 1930s and landed in Jalisco, my father was born there). Actually my father speaks more Spanish than English, so he will have no problems at all. I experienced that downtown Querétaro and the area around the famous "Acueducto" have traffic jams on a regular basis… that's something I disliked and I truly want to get away from lots of traffic like the one I go through in the State of Mexico where I am now. As mentioned by some of your subscribers: friends and family are important in order to move to a new place. my mother has lots of relatives living in the Querétaro area, and that's why I want to help my parents move and have a better quality of life. A closed cluster with amenities and trips to the metropolitan area of Querétaro once in a while. My job will not be affected, I work as a teacher and teacher trainer and there are lots of schools where we are planning to move.

    About Guanajuato: in general all the state has drugdealing problems and there is a major security problem, I was advised by close friends not to move there. Tourism is ok for eventual visits. My friends live in León, Guanajuato and Celaya. The only place they recommend is San Miguel de Allende, but it has become too expensive due to the expat communities living there. Good luck in your travels!

  3. Great videos on this town although I must say it looks much bigger than where you presently reside am I right? I've heard from a reliable source there's going to be new government in January in Mexico they may be putting a halt to Americans and Canadians moving to Mexico have something to do with the property values going up so high Cost of Living the locals can't afford to live in their Homeland anymore DON'T SHOOT the messenger

  4. Thanks for the great video. Very informative. I am planning on moving to Mexico in the next 5 years and your videos have been very helpful. Keep up the great work Jerry and Lorie!

  5. Generally speaking Ajijic is better for retired expats and Queretaro is better for younger working expats especially if their children are still studying.

  6. I missed why you are considering moving. Chappala area getting too expensive? Need a change? What a larger city with more services? Thx for sharing the expat lifestyle. Might be there soon. Keep smiling.

  7. Was considering a move to Queretaro so your two videos are quite timely for me. Wondering how feasible to move there and not have a car, just rely on public transportation. Good bus system? Do buses go to the community you showed on Video 2? Thanks, Jerry and Lori.

  8. Hi Jerry and Lori, I knew you were coming back! I'm here (in Ajijic) visiting this week and will be moving down in October. As soon as I finalized my lease, you were leaving as was Jerry of JC Travel Stories. I thought that maybe my presence was chasing all of you away. Hope to meet you one day when you return!

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