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Kone Monospace Traction Elevators at Goals Villamagna Mountian Tower, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

This was not a specifically great installation. For some cause, they put one simply call button per flooring. In the foyer, it performs as an up button. On all other flooring, it performs as a down button. The directional indicators previously mentioned the elevators only display the course the elevator is moving, not the course you are likely to be likely. They work like exterior flooring indicators with out displaying the flooring the elevators are on, earning them completely useless. I also do not like the plan of working with device-roomless traction elevators for installations this tall and in heavy use. Also, the architect ought to have allowed more area for these elevators. They are Far too Tiny for lodge support, and they are Gradual. And lastly, I Detest when elevators are not created scenic when they Conveniently could be (in this circumstance, just incorporate glass). General, these get the career performed pretty very well, but I am not way too fond of them. The kinds in the rental structures here are nicer. Adhere to me on:




  1. MonoSpace is MRL not regular Traction. European Kone EcoDisc. They are MonoSpace 500. However in Europe, MonoSpace 500 goes up to 1.75 m/s, 70m and 1150kg/15 Persons capacity while MonoSpace 700 goes up to 3 m/s, 90m and 2500kg/33 Persons capacity.

  2. Nice European style MonoSpace,.. these are very common around here, and we not have up and down buttons on most of the elevators, only in Hotels, department stores, mall´s, hospital and other public space have "up" and "down" buttons…
    But i think EcoDisc in Europe and EcoDisc in USA use same controllers, otherway, i maybe will take a New York trip next year, it´s not very expensive… 🙂

  3. I've seen a similar call button set up (one per floor) on an Otis elevator at a hotel in Europe. It was stupid because the button on the lobby would call down instead of up, and there was a floor below the lobby. That meant that elevator door would have to close and then re-open before it would officially change direction.

  4. Now if there is a roof directly above the elevators, what prevented them from making these MR? Beautiful scenery though. Is the resort nice overall or kinda dumpy?

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