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working day excursion to Bucerías Mexico

This video’s the excursion there and back again from Puerto Vallarta. We took a city bus there for significantly less than $1 US every. It took about forty five minutes from the principal bus station in front of Wal-Mart exactly where we obtained on. You can find quite a several stops together the way.

On the way back again we splurged and shared an air-conditioned taxi with friends (6 of us) for all around $10 every which took us directly to our resorts.

Bucerías is located on the Bay of Banderas, about 10 miles north of the Puerto Vallarta airport.



  1. My – how it's changed in the 20-something years since we first started going. That 4-lane highway split the town devisively – changed its nature, and took the pleasure and relaxation out of it, and brought Money in. On the other hand, the Fiesta (especially the last day and the 'Toro') and the tanguis made it memorable… So I guess I'll be happy with those memories.

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